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It has been a while. Life got crazy, Chris and I moved in together, grad school started up again and work is pretty much eating up my life.

Chris and I are going on a cruise in May that I am really looking forward too. When I tell people I'm going to the Caribbean I love how they tell me to watch out for pirates. Hi - all of the pirate encounters have been around Africa. Dumbass. Unless the pirate you are talking about is Jack Sparrow. Then I'm all in - with my pants off, of course.

Work is just a gigantic ulcer generator. I'm really not a fan of my job anymore but since they are paying for my education ($5,000 a year!) I figure I might as well stick it out until I get my MBA. Then I'm getting the fuck out of Doge. I have no idea what I am going to do after that, honestly. I'm going to start networking with people in HR and start learning about what they do. Although I still think of my job as a means to an end there isn't a reason for me not to enjoy it, right?

Which brings me to my writing, or lack there of. I don't think I've written a damn thing for months. Basically I'm just really good at making excuses for not writing. Honestly, I have no idea what to write. As much as I love fan fiction I really want to start doing my own stuff and putting it out there. I have some great gay/lesbian romance fiction ideas I came up with this week that I'm excited to start working on. I have to read more F/F romance. I need to get the logistics of how to write it down - especially the naughty bits.

I'm actually contemplating on doing a cosplay for this years YaoiCon. Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler. I saw his character and I was like - must cosplay. Then I heard him speak and I was like yesmustcosplaynowthisissofuckingawesome! It is just so expensive the cheap part of me is like "really Kat?" But the big kid in me is like "fucking rock that shit like a 13 year old boy!" I should explain here that the character I want to dress up as is a 13 year old boy. Chris laughs that while all the other girls want to skank it up, I want to dress like a pedophiles' wet dream.  Picture below....

Sexy - right? WAAAY more sexier than a 13 year old boy should be. But that is anime for you. Don't even get me started on the dynamic between him and his butler. :op

So I'm going to try and update this at least once a day to start these little fingers a fluttering over the keys again. Also I'm going to start a writing notebook. For some reason putting pen to page always gets my inner writer at work, much more than typing on the keys. At least for brainstorming. I think I need to practice mapping out plot-points. But that will all come with time, which is running out. I can't put it off any more.


Mar. 24th, 2012 11:48 am (UTC)
wow I haven't updated this LJ in forever - my boss at a former company read this entry and I got fired because of it. It is nice to see something that isn't spam on this page. I am a HUGE Black Butler fan. I never got to make the costume though.


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